Together, we can make the Netherlands work better

The Dutch labour market has a remarkable mismatch. Many sectors, such as healthcare, childcare and education, are experiencing severe staff shortages. Meanwhile, there is a lot of untapped potential.

Het Potentieel Pakken (HPP) believes there’s a hidden solution in plain sight: the existing workforce. We help organizations unlock the untapped potential of their part-time employees, creating a win-win for everyone.

The problem:

  • The Netherlands faces a mismatch in its labour market.
  • Healthcare, childcare, and education are particularly hit by staff shortages.
  • This leads to expensive temporary workers, dissatisfied clients, and stressed employees.
  • Many talented employees are stuck in small part-time jobs, impacting their finances and well-being.

The solution:

  • HPP helps organisations become “good employers”, offering:
    • Larger contracts promoting self-sufficiency.
    • Active involvement and healthy schedules.
    • Flexibility that meets employee needs.
  • This results in:
    • Happier, healthier employees with reduced absenteeism.
    • Increased job satisfaction and loyalty.
    • More hours worked voluntarily.

Our approach:

  • We work closely with organisations to understand their unique challenges and opportunities.
  • We gather data and insights on untapped potential and obstacles.
  • We co-create solutions for better schedules, HR policies, and communication.
  • We involve all key players from directors to team leaders and employees.
  • We start small, iterate, and scale for sustainable success.

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